Naomi Pearce & Family

DreamTeam Lofts

First 6 members of our race team

Race team part 2

Trap training day 1

Hand taming

Egg Bound???

Stock birds got eggs


Loft 3

We are Members YAY!!

Pairing up part 2

Pairing up part 3

Canker Treating

Pairing up for Late Breds

Fitting an avairy

Thank you 100 subscribers

Burning out your loft

New Stock Birds part 3

Mealy Birds COCK/HEN

New stock birds

Young Birds First Bath

New stock birds part 2

New Perches in the loft

Hand Tameing day 2

Walkway Loft 2

Vlog 4 Pigeons waiting to arrive

pigeon loft 2 renovation day 2

Tame/Not Tame Racing Pigeons

Welcome to DreamTeam Lofts

Racing pigeon loft 2 renovation

Our Racing Pigeon loft set up