About UPR

About Us

Welcome to Uk Pigeon Racing,

We hope you like are new website.

I thought I would take the time to tell you why I set up this website.

I have always enjoyed racing pigeons from a young age, but no one in my family ever raced or kept racing pigeons.

I found it hard to find information about racing pigeons and how to start up in the hobby or where to meet people. When i came across pigeonbasics.com, which is a forum. Although it was a big community and there were some helpful people on there. I found it just wasnt for me.

So I started up my own forum , I will not lie it was hard to get it going and to find members, but i met a guy called Ste ( buster121 ) who joined the forum and became a admin. He helped me to find members and get the forum going.

I then had some personal issues this is when Buster121 and Killer kept posting and running the forum and kept it alive. I’m very greatful for this.

( I thank you both for helping me keep the forum/website alive and going. )

Once I came back I new the direction I wanted my Uk Pigeon Racing brand to go. if you can call it that ?.

I signed up to twitter and facebook and then I started up this website up. That brings me to where we are now. If you take the time to look around the website you will find basic guides to help you out. We have other helpful things like our Distance Checker and our Velocity Checker, and of course we have our great community that post daily on the forum. Always willing to give advice and help and sometimes there are freebies. We host great commpetions that are free to join in and a good laugh and free items can be won like harker homoform.

Also I am always looking to improve the website and forum so if you do feel like something is missing and would like to see it on here. I’m always willing to talk about it and hopefully add it to the website.

We hope you join our community and enjoy it.