Some Excellent books on offer + Training Crates/Live Trap

Items for sale such as lofts, baskets, ect.. Only approved selling are allowed to post new topics
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March 25th, 2020, 7:51 pm

My own books most are in book protecters...and some very collectible!!!

Masters of Breeding/Racing

By Victor Vansalen


Champions Reveal
There untold Secrets

Victor Vansalen


The Flying Vets
Pigeon Health Management

Dr Colin Walker

Open to offers

The BIG Pigeon Racing Book
A Van den Hoek
Prof Dr Van Grembergen
J Herman’s


The Best of Ad Schaerlaeckens
Parts 1 and 2


The Widowhood Year
Dave Allen


The Elite
Tactic,ideas ,racing systems
Of the New Belgian Champions


Hans Eijerkkamp and Sons
The Best loft of all Holland
Golden International Stud Book,1982/86.


Healthy Pigeons
Recognition,Prevention and treatment of the Major pigeon Diseases

Ludwig Schrag


Postage will be extra...some Books are heavy

Also 3 Training crates


1 Live Trap cage ( Foxes and other pests etc )
Great bit of Kit,never let me down
Excellent condition


Pm me

You can buy The Mans Winning pigeons
BUT not the Man that flys them!!
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March 25th, 2020, 8:22 pm

That's some collection Stu, hope you get what they are worth mate and don't get messed about👍
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