Found a racing pigeon, advice please

Post the details of the found pigeon here.
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May 20th, 2015, 12:12 pm

Hi all, hopefully this will find someone who can help....

whilst out walking our dogs yesterday we found a racing pigeon, although missing his tail feathers and being very tired he seems fine and is very friendly

we managed to get in touch with the owner who wants us to keep him in a box in our bathroom until he can fly and says he will find his way home, although the owner only lives an hour away he wouldn't come and pick him up!

the little man, now named squark had actually flown past his home and just carried on, hes obviously lost

anyway a couple of questions....

is it ok for him to live in a box? he has food and water...

if we let him go will he find his own way home?

and lastly is it reasonable to expect the owner to collect him, he really didn't seem too bothered on the phone at all, as animal lovers this concerned us greatly!

anyway he seems happy emough and is eating and drinking :0)

any help would be amazing!

Steve and Aimee
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May 20th, 2015, 1:40 pm

Hello Steve Aimee
First off thank you for helping the poor soul get home, owners like that get up my nose, they give genuine fanciers a bad name, it will be ok in a box it takes around 4weeks to regrow tail, and yes it should find its way back, if you report it to the RPRA on 01452 713529 or fill an online stray report in the owner will then have a set amount of time to collect or arrange a courier after what you have already said this is the route I would take, after all whats an hour of his time, I had one it took over 4 hours trip to collect
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