Let’s get me started... advice needed.. newbie

Need any help or advice post it here.
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July 10th, 2018, 9:36 pm

Hi everyone, apologies if this turns into the worlds longest thread.. I have so many questions but I’ll just start with a couple.

Quick run down,I used to help my grandad with racing his pigeons every week from the age of 3/4,my mum then uprooted me at 11 to move to ipswich and my fancying was suddenly brought to a ubrupt end and it was then down to once or twice a year on visits. My knowledge of the sport at the time was reasonably good as you could imagine.
I am now 34 and after buying my first house in Sheffield I am now looking to finally get my self into the sport properly,within the next 12/24 months, I don’t expect things to happen overnight but I’m willing to give it My all.
My knowledge isn’t the best anymore I am slowly reading threads on here and books to help but I feel I am really out of touch so I apologise if my questions are something that might seem obvious or daft.

1) I have a detached house with 1 house behind mine and one to my right the left is a road, what’s the best way to approach my neighbours about having birds?

2) my garden is south east facing is this best?

3) I’m not sure how many birds I want to start with Maybe 15\20 does this sound ok?

4) obviously we have young bird and old bird season..
how long do young birds stay young birds for before they move to old birds?

5) how does breeding work? What happens if I don’t want to breed can I do that and just race old birds?

I do have a few more but I will leave it there for now.

Thanks in advance
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July 10th, 2018, 10:21 pm

Hi mate
I'm just coming back to the sport after a good while and theres plenty of help about,the thing I've found out the most is use what knowledge you've had before and when it goes wrong,see why and where,I'm starting racing with ybs but have had really good help to set up for the future with a member from here,i guess you do the same and start with ybs next year and go from there,stick to basics,dont read too much shit and enjoy.
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July 11th, 2018, 6:07 am

Hi lee glad ur looking to get bk into it mate , i myself onli started in 2017 , ime from sheffield so if you need anything give me a shout , let me no what area your living in and i will point you in direction of your local club etc , atb
1 knock on there door lol have u checked ur house deeds that pigeons are allowed ,
2 yes be fine face ing that way mine faces north but still fly well to it ,
3 15/20 birds is fine best not to overcrowd and keep a manageble amount much more ennjoyable
4 2018 bredyoungbirds will be old birds 2019
5 breeding for me starts around christmas to breed youngsters for the coming 2019 season , you dont have to breed no just keep sexes seperate and buy young birds in to race ,
Atb as above just let me no if u need anything and ill see wt i can do
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July 11th, 2018, 6:32 am

Hi Lee, Potter has answered your questions the same way I would have, except for getting youngsters in, I would put my old birds together breed one round off them then split them back up, or leave together and just keep throwing eggs away that get laid
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July 11th, 2018, 8:45 am

Welcome to the Forum Lee.

All sound advice above, the only thing I would add to Busters post is to replace the eggs with pot eggs. This way the hen will sit full cycle, around 21 days before deserting the eggs and add on another 10 days before she lays again whereas she will lay every 10 days if the eggs are taken off her.
You can never lose a homing pigeon - if it doesn't come back, all you have lost is a pigeon.
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July 11th, 2018, 9:56 pm

Welcome to the site Lee.
A lot of good advice given and plenty of good members that are will to give advice on this forum. Hope you enjoy your time on here and in the sport with all it’s high’s and low’s.
Hopefully you won’t have any objections from neighbours but try to work with them in any concerns they have. Apart from one neighbour that I had a bit of trouble with the other week (none since), mine are all very good and most love watching my birds.
If your garden faces South East, I think I would put the loft down the left side of your garden facing West South West I think.
15/20 is a good number to get started but that would depend on the size of loft. You would need to have room for both old and young birds.
As said young birds are young birds during the year of their ring number. From the following year on they are old birds.
You would ideally breed youngsters early in the year, you will find that many members have different views on how early. Once you have bred all you want just replace eggs with pot eggs as Magic has said.
All best with your venture.
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July 12th, 2018, 4:33 am

Hi mate welcome to the site, it’s very informative as is pigeonchat for new starters, don’t get dragged into all the birds for sale there’s plenty of good flyers on here to help you out. If you need any birds to start up let me know and I’ll breed you a round if it’s any help 😀
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July 12th, 2018, 10:02 am

Wow thank you all so much for the replies
Potter I am in treeton in the ouskirts

# what happens if having pigeons it’s not in my deeds?

I have a decent size loft (long as her upstairs agrees lol)
15-20 is a rough estimate.i will start with less and just slowly build..

I am in time looking to change my job at some point as I’m working from 5am TIL 6pm and it’s killing me..
But I’m the mean time can I still race pigeons with having limited time.. I doubt I could take them training every night..
I can let them out In the day as sometimes the mrs works from home..

Thanks again
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July 12th, 2018, 2:11 pm

Treeton ! I should imagine beighton hs or woodhouse be your closest clubs , ur also close to bjffeeds for all your pigeon gear , atb pal as before if gt any questions just post on here or private message me
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July 12th, 2018, 9:17 pm

Welcome to the site and to the sport Lee hope you many years of pleasure, enjoyment and success with the birds.
As far as I can see you're questions have already been answered. I have been around pigeons most of my life and as others I have just started keeping pigeons again after a 10 year break, and I expect it to take me several years to get a good established team again. I have a 16x6 loft split into 3 sections, an old bird section with nest boxes and box perches, a young bird section with box perches and a section for storage. I aim to over winter 12 pairs and breed about 20 youngsters each year. I raced a few old birds this season and have 15 youngsters which I hope to start racing in 2 weeks.
You will get plenty of help and advice from some genuine and honest pigeon fanciers on here and you will get many different opinions. The only advice I can give you is to start by keeping it simple and find a system that suits you, as long as the birds are happy and healthy they will perform for you.
As long as there is nothing in you're deeds that says you can't keep pigeons and you don't make you're loft to big or unsightly then as its you're own property there shouldn't be a problem and as long as you are considerate I'm sure the neighbours will be fine. The biggest problem is if you have the birds on an open loft and have no control over them so they end sitting all over the roof tops.
My loft faces East but ideally I would have it facing South as it will benefit from Sunshine most of the day and won't be too exposed to the worst weather in the winter.
The amount of birds you keep should be determined by the loft size and what you can physically manage.
Most breeding for the new seasons youngsters is done between December and late April/early May. This again is down to preference and what suits each individual fanciers circumstances. Just remember you will lose some birds each season so need a steady supply of replacements but don't breed too many as you might not lose as many as you think and will soon end up over stocked, this is a real juggling act. Some fanciers find it easier to buy in kits of youngsters each year but again this is down personal preference.
Ideally you would want to exercise the birds daily (especially during the racing season) but unfortunately during the winter months this isn't always possible for some of us. As for racing it is still possible to race with limited time you just need to select races that fit in with the time you have. Keep asking questions and be patient, you will have plenty of highs and lows, pleasure and heartache but hopefully over all it should be enjoyable.
Good luck and best wishes, I hope you get up running soon.
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