Elaine Larner - Feature on Amy Klijn

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June 16th, 2019, 8:13 pm

Elaine Larner - Feature on Amy Klijn

Amy Klijn
I live in North east of England Durham and fly in a town called Crook. I fly South to north and I fly in Crook fed, I can't say for sure but got about 20 odd members in fed and 9 in our club not the best competition but I can only go against what's around me, plus I have some very successful flyers in our fed.
When it comes to racing my birds I'm an all rounder but I do like inland. Channel is my strong key and I've always loved it ever since I was little, it gives you such more of a sense of achievement when you get a good one from the channel...
when I was 15 years old I won the channel averages and won every channel race I sent to so I've got to say it's my thing lol. I've been keeping pigeons since I moved up the Isle of Wight, when I was 9 and meet I old fella called Bantie Emerson, little did I know he was the king of pigeon racing in our neck of the woods. First thing that drew my attention was the fact he had so many animals lol I love them ...then he started to teach me everything I know today and I'm now 22. Sadly Bantie passed away when I was 15. He had cancer 😢horrible thing it is ...then I went into partnership with a club member whom I always got on with and we flew as Reynolds and klijn....that season we had 14 1st club's and 9 1st feds. So my grand total of flying/racing birds has been 13 years ...
I am now starting back up by myself this year flying young birds. Me and Eric are still firends I just wanted to do my own thing :).

I have 32 young birds that's all I have to my name. I'll breed off my winning racers and I'll not keep no stock too unless I have one really worth keeping ...it just adds extra work and money into the hobby. We need to enjoy it not be held down by over stocking with stock birds. My loft is 24ft by 10ft wide and I have 3 sections but I can make it into 4, if needs be. It's's important for me to keep a routain with my birds. I don't like to interfere to much with them it's vital for this in my eyes. I see them in the morning for an hour. Then around 5 I go up clean them out which only takes a matter of minutes and I disinfect the loft every day. They are cleaned out twice a day sometimes 3 lol I hate dirt. I spend no more then an hour morning and maybe 2 at night. The birds build a good and trustworthy bond with me cos they know I'm not at them all the time and pestering them ...that why they stay quiet and tame, that's how I like them. I think a bond with a bird is important but I don't think it makes toommuch difference on race day it's the bond with thier home their hen and box that's counts as that's the motivation...... that's what I think anyways.

My most memorable bird was, cock 42 (see photo) was bred off our good vanloon cock this made me .. I sadly had to sell, along with all my other birds because I wasn't allowed to keep them. He sold for 2000 he was just a freak as a baby 1st club 1st fed young bird national Billericay and 59th wda 7900 birds, after that he never stop chalking out of the same race point so it came to the time where me and Bantie decided to send him over channel first time as a 2 year old ...he did us proud I told Bantie he would come that day but he wouldn't have it lol but he did, he was 1st club 1st fed 12th wda Arras. Last race of the season ...a day before basketing Bantie passed away on the night time. That morning before he passed, I said to him hang on mate we're going to top the fed the first week and he just smiled and a tear went down his cheek ...that day I wasn't going to send I was to upset and down to do it but my mate Terry Knox came over that morning and made me do it for Bantie ...so it was the Saturday wakefield...42 again was my 1st bird back 1st club 1st fed ...then the week after 2nd club 2nd fed then I rested him for the channel 1st club 1st fed Arras again 21st wda 3000+birds I was so proud of him I always thought Bantie was making him come lol ...that season he won every channel race I sent him too ...then I come to the check hen which is breed of a son of 42 that my mate Eric Reynolds now flys ...young bird she won and topped the fed he flys in, one the strongest club's and fed in the wda ...then this year she has a 1st club 1st fed 900+birds club 2nd 2nd fed 1800+birds and a 3rd club 5th fed 1300+ birds this year ...she's just like her grandad makes me so proud. so that's my story on my best breeding birds and what they breed so for me it's a myth that birds if there good racers arnt good breeders cos 42 son was responsible for this hen. :)

Bantie encouraged me with the pigeons, I also just naturally really had a interest in my feather friends ...it's a shame cos I have no firends or family interested in my birds lol I try to educate them but there not interested alot of time haha .and with me only starting back up this year I dont have many strains in atm so time will tell but I've got some of mine and Bantie old blood back in with me.i have gifted birds away to trusted firends so they can help me when I ever started again but mainly human custers van reets. gronderlars and gaby and Frank taskers best hen Olympia, Me and Eric owned her ...I have her g children in my loft to race this year. my favourite system is widowhood that's all I was ever taught cos that's what Bantie was best at love to see the cocks showboating about and showing off looking for their hens and my young birds just stay together to they find a partner then I split them up and they see each other every friday before the race ...this time around I'm racing both sexs yes I loved the widowhood system but nowadays to many good hens get wasted so I'll race both from.now on. my longest race point I have flown was 460 miles Clermont queens cup .

Before paring up I just make sure there fit and not fat with these being my racing team they treated througout the year...I'm a bad for blind treating but who.don't.. I do get my droppings tested if I'm really unsure what's wrong but most the time Me and Eric can do it our self under his microscope thing haha .

So my most memorable time for me with racing has to be the same year 42 was flying his tits of and main one was the queens up that year it was such a tough race my battery was going to die being on that long for my ets I was ringing around to see if anyone was on and no one at all ...then it was about 10 or 11 hour mark and boom I had a blue cock come right back over reason being that week he was going there and back to his old.home.at Newcastle...he was training him self with me being at school I had to just leave bobs open and his food in the box and he was always home once back from school I was like right your going to Clermont you bugger doing my head in haha he was lost prior out same race point for 6 month so I didn't fancy him at all ...anyway that day he came I was so unsure if it was a good one or not but I rang around and the only person that was new was on in the hole of the wda was are fed member Harry Wilson I was only 7mins behind wish he was stright home cos Harry topped the amal that day and I was 1st club 2nd fed cos I'd have to top amal to win and I was 5th amal and 30th open are open is the west Durham amal Durham combine and the up north combine all.combined and I was 30th overall ...and I was only 15 that was some feat for me what my.bird did that day that was the proudest moment for me ever I was buzzing couldn't sit down or sleep that night couldn't believe it so that's my most memorable moment for me really did do my old mate proud .

Think back to when I started pigeons it was the old fashion way I loved and the buzz of getting that rubber of there leg when you have a good bird but at the same time it's a blessing this ets came cos time after time me and Bantie had birds spoiled with getting catch so much after there racing ...it puts them off ..so there nothing I would really change other than loving some sort of tracking device to see where ate birds get to and lost it would be great thing in the future for are feathered firends .I think a big thing that has declined are sport is just not enough people getting into it as much as back in the day and the price of things somtimes can put fanicers off it's not so easy to start back up now its such a hard job if you want to compete and do the best and the highest level . I think with hawks that its all an issue to us but more so to people in wooded areas where there more likely to strike cos that's there living envoirment lucky enough I've only had one hawked up to now I can and will be a issue advently but I'll cross that bridge when I comes to it lol. when I first started racing I didn't pay anything cos I was only 9 but I know it's never been that's cheap but to me it's only as expensive as you make it...if you can't afford to race 60 then don't knock down to what you can afford to race and feed...and it also depends how high you want to get in the racing game to me the best birds are the best looked after and the best stuff needs to be given to them for treatment there not point jusg giving them natural stuff cos it won't cure illness I Think with this being so expensive is why we don't have such as many people joining. in my opinion my keeness has never dropped if not increased i know it's sad but you get people that want to do stuff on the weekend once there birds are done and finished but I just love it that's what I live for I don't care if I have to do birds all day every day lol wish I had the easy life and could just earn my own money doing pigeons but I can't but somthing is to do in the futurre once my name back out there again.i don't Think the Facebook groups are bad ..but sometimes can be I don't listen out for race times around my area cos it ruins it for me. I'll wait to after the race but I do think it can affected people pressure wise if your that type of person to think you have to do what everyone els is doing but I'm lucky I've never been that way given I'll do what I want to do regardless and when ever I want don't care what other people think or say but it's a good thing for us to get together and to get advice and help if need it to he given to you ...everything has it's benefits. but to me again I'll wait to I get down to the club to see my times are any good it ruins it for me . and for sure Bantie was my inspiration to start racing cos that's who I flew with for 9 years of never change my opinion on that he was a true legand and my soul mate of a best friend. and I use the ets and yes it's makes an advantage for sure can get so many on at once with out stressing the birds but for sure anyone on t3 will not have the same advantage as ets or less there impossibly faster and super easy birds to catch . to many I give a pigeon up to about 1 year old maybe 2 to do somthing anything can happen on race day we never know and also some these birds are just bred for certain race points and won't prove them selfs till that time comes we just never know . and to me brought in or gifted birds there isn't much difference it's just down to luck they an all be breed for this and that but at the end off the day there not all good birds.

I think when it comes to corn for pigeons that certain corn are vital you need the low pro light corns for fast winds then build up corn with more carbs and protein in for the middle distance and for my channel racing the fats they need the right food in my eyes a long with good management to win...I feed acording to the weather and it changing.i never weigh my food the birds get as much as they want on a night till there full then a handful corn in there boxes in the morning after there morning fly ...always feed in boxes...out of supplement I give my birds every day they have oregano in there water ...liquid gold Bantie always used it and told me to never not to do it so that's what I stick to it's good for there condtion and keep there general tummy good and the acids in there tummy. for my baby's are out once a day an hour a day if I need to train my babies I go training on the afternoon and that will class as there exercise...don't need to over work them, the less stress the better especially with the babies being so young. old birds again an hour once a day same more or less then the babies

I follow no traits or anything just there race results all that matters to me they can win any size shape and any way they look lol ...always ugly ones are the good ones for me hahah. my partner let's me crack on with my birds she is fine about it cos she works weekend lol ...and the advice I'd give for anyone ever starting in this sport is to do what I did and find a good honest flyer that needs a helping hand and learn from them...don't listen to everyone there not always right...thankyou so much for reading all my love amy!
Name: Chris Roscoe
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June 16th, 2019, 8:30 pm

Good read well done amy and Chris for getting it
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June 16th, 2019, 8:45 pm

Great read again Thank You
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June 16th, 2019, 9:43 pm

Another good read.
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