Didn’t get to BICC marking

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September 8th, 2019, 4:03 pm

Andy123 wrote:
September 8th, 2019, 9:43 am
stevekulpa wrote:
September 7th, 2019, 11:24 pm
Once they finish racing after about a week we lock them up for the winter and they moult just fine you always get the odd one that lags behind same as even on the darkness system you some times get a YB that drop's flights we pair up at Christmas and the young cocks will have moulted by then the hens don't matter as we don't pair them but most of them will be finished also. As for racing as yearlings if I get a chance I will check how many winner with yearlings we have had this year, Off the top of my head one hen has won twice and one cock has won once but ill check out the others and post it. But going on from that I think you had a lucky swerve in todays race apart from staddons exceptional pigeon all the others were over the east side.
Thanks for your reply Steve, always good to hear of other members experiences especially with systems I know nothing about. You almost need to include your yearlings that would have won if they hadn’t been beaten by loft mates. :)
Yes Steve I think it was just as well I missed marking. John & Dave’s pigeon must have flown most of the race on it’s own, they only live a few miles from me. Only 5 of the 11 members that sent verified a pigeon, and the last of them wasn’t until after 5 o’clock. Looking at the whole result less than half the members that sent verified. The old birds didn’t fair much better mind.
We may have had a good one but how many would we be missing? Glad I’ve got them here for next year.
As you both say it was another tough day with many birds adrift however as usual there were some outstanding performances both in the west and the longer fliers in the North, well done to them.
As for the Darkness system like Andy apart from one year playing at it back in the 90s I have no real knowledge of it. I did however get a young stray in last year who had obviously been on the darkness as he hadn't dropped a flight whereas my own birds were half way through, he was transferred to me and raced pretty much the whole youngbird programme taking a couple of cards on the way. As my birds are just kept natural he had to just get on with the moult the same as my own. I have to say to his moult did go a little hay wire as he dropped flights from both ends of the wing and never finished moulting completely, however this didn't seem to hamper him this year as although he didn't record any outstanding performances he is the only bird I have that crossed the Channel twice, once from Fougeres 176miles and once from Messac 217miles. I think he could be one to watch next year as a two year old.
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