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This are is for the admin to keep you guys upto date on the compeition
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Welcome to our brand new competition, we try our best here at to give back to the hobby/sport and we really hope you join in and enjoy this competition this is the biggest competition to date.

Competition Names:
This is three compeititon there names are Oldbird Inland Champion Loft, Oldbird Channel Champion Loft and Youngbird Champion Loft you can enter all three if you wish, there is NO ENTRY FEE.

The prizes are the same for all 3 competitons and please remember prize money has been sponsored by us (CASH)

1st - £100.00 plus a trophie (trophies maybe different from the poster you have seen)
2nd - £50.00
3rd - £25.00

Guide Lines and Rules:

1. must be a members of the forum.
2. must have a minium of 10 post to enter the competition.
3. Result Sheets must be sent in each week to have your velocity verified.
4. The competition will be run for the first 6 races in each of 3 competitions, Due to clubs having different number of races.

The competition will be run on the basis of the first bird in the loft from the race, it will be that birds velocity you will send in, your velocity will be added up over the 6 weeks the members loft with the highest velocity will win.
This is for the Oldbird inland champion and youngbird Champion competitons.

Oldbird Channel Champion Competition
This Compeition will be run on the basis of the first 3 channel races, The members will vote on what they feel is the best forming loft over the 3 races.
Takening into account distances and velocity the birds have flown back to there loft.

( We understand some distances maybe different for each member, We have tried to make it fair. At the end of the day its a little bit of fun with some cash prize at the end of it, for entering for free. )

Race sheets should be e-mailed to

Names of Entrys:

Youngbird Champion Loft
Names Here:
Name: Chris Roscoe
Age: 30
Club: Rushden and Raunds South Road Flying Club
Fed: Mid Northants South Road

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