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July 3rd, 2019, 7:51 pm

selling is very straightforward, but i hope this helps.

1. You can start selling an item buy clicking sell an item in the top menu bar.
2. You can also sell an item from your control panel then click summary
3. Pick the category you wish the item to be shown under.
4. Place the title of your item here.
5. Place the item description here.
6. Click upload item a window will pop up, then click add file pick the image from your compture/phone, Once selected click start upload, once they have uploaded click close, your images will show once your auction has been submitted.
7. I suggest leaving this to standard auction.
8. You can edit the item quantity if you wish here.
9. You can edit the starting price of your auction here if you wish.
10. You can place a reserve price here if you wish, just remmber to click yes if you do want a reserve price.
11. You can place a buy it now price here if you wish, just remmber to click yes if you do want a buy it now price.
12. You can pick a start date for the auction if you wish here.
13. You can section how long you want the item auction to run here.
14. You can set a shipping fee if you wish, but we recommend putting this to pick up only.
15. You can make your item a Featured item or a highlighted item if you wish.
16. Click Submit Auction and if will take you to the next page, so that you can check over your listing.
17. If you are happy then scroll down enter your password and click submit and your listing will go live.
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