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Trevor Hodges
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12/02/2020 9:45 pm  

Lost one side of me fence on the allotment 😩F7905CE7-142E-4E7B-B182-8F3327980FC5.jpeg5927B3BE-89BD-4D5B-988F-85F9534F051D.jpeg

That's a pain for you Mark but it does look like the fence was on borrowed time👍🤣😂 Hope you manage to get it sorted mate 👍although you might want to wait until storm Dennis has been and gone 🤔🤔🤣😂

It was trench 🤣🤣was planning on getting it back up on Saturday with new post but looking at the weather I don’t think this is going to happen 😭😭

😂🤣 no the weekend doesn't look too clever again 😣😣💨💦
Maybe next weekend !!!

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