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Latest news in the Barcelona loft  


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15/02/2021 3:18 pm  

I did think I was going to pair the race birds up over the weekend but didn’t get around to it. The weather was horrible anyway with rain all day Sunday and a bitterly cold wind. Also as I put in another post had to sort out a couple of budgies for Roxanna 😂😂.

 In the young bird loft I have 2 sections. The hens have been in here all winter along with the 4 latebreds, 2 of whom have turned out to be cocks. All the nest boxes are taken in the race loft by the 16 cocks I want to race. The trouble has been is that these 2 cocks are now pairing up with a couple of the hens. I have had the odd broken egg in there where they have laid in a box perch and the egg has rolled onto the floor. So I had wanted to split the 16 hens I want away from the 2 latebred cocks, otherwise they may not be interested in pairing up with the race cocks, hopefully next weekend when the weather looks much better. 

The other problem is that I had 2 youngsters out of John & Bens stock birds that were due to be weaned, 24 days old. 

This morning 1 of the youngsters was on the floor. So I split the 16 hens into one of the young bird sections and put the 2 latebred cocks with a couple of extra stray hens in the other section. I then weaned the 2 youngsters in with the hens. 

These are the 2 youngsters 

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15/02/2021 4:18 pm  

looking really good Andy  i'm still have no eggs lol

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15/02/2021 4:42 pm  

Nice pair of youngsters there mate

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15/02/2021 8:32 pm  

Youngsters looking well, always love the dark ones.

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16/02/2021 10:44 am  

Nice pair of young birds Andy 

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16/02/2021 12:52 pm  

Nice pair of youngsters there.