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Posted by: @stevekulpa

Thank you Andy from all of us here. Were keeping our fingers crossed that you get some back Andy, But I did fear for you after seeing the forecast, Your idea of not racing YB's is one option and you won't know unless you try, I do feel you should keep going with your Barcelona challenge, all be it down a different route. I'm sure the members wont put any blame on you and have complete faith in you after all you can only try your best  

Steve, I immediately picked up on your comment, encouraging the Barcelona Loft Project to continue, 'albeit down a different route'.

As you know, I am involved through the great generosity of forum members. I do take a real interest in it, and feel Andy's despair. He is gutted.

Serious question. What course would you advise Andy to consider, going forward?

I ask that because I am half a world away. I have no idea.





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I don't really know what route Andy should take. We only fly sprint races up about 300miles that's one reason we don't send Andy any birds as there not distance birds. I think many roads lead to Rome or in this case Barcelona Smile . All Andy can do is try again next year and maybe not race them as youngsters ,but its a lot of work to train them with no reward of watching them race as youngsters.  

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Thanks for everyone’s support and encouragement. I’m certainly not planning on giving up on our aim of Barcelona. It has just been a bit disheartening the last couple of weeks. 20 youngsters missing in 2 races. I still have 10 here. The 2 I got last week and 8 that haven’t raced due to the moult. This is probably one of the hardest areas to race too in the country down here in the West Country. With the bulk of the pigeons in my races going over to the East and with predominantly West winds. 

I have got a bit of thinking to do to plan our way forward. As Steve said just training them as youngsters is a lot of work for no reward of seeing them race as youngsters but it’s not very rewarding training them and sending them then not getting them back. I will again be interested to see how the unraced ones do as yearlings next year. 

I am going to do a full report of the season but in brief it has been a very difficult season. To start we didn’t even know whether we would race at all. The race programs were changed a few times and marking was all over the place making it difficult for me in the shop when myself and Roxanna were on our own due to our worker being off to look after her daughter while they have been off school. 

On top of all that of course I had the trouble with PMV early in the year and lofts that needed putting up and moving hampered by a very wet winter. This meant that the old birds weren’t split up last winter and although weren’t bred from early some started moulting a bit early. 

I am planning on separating them this winter and may even pair up later than this year. 

I do think that to race youngsters successfully they probably need to be on darkness. Although we never used to and I never have. For me as at most I would only want one or two races from them as youngsters and possibly won’t at all in the future, I don’t think there would be any point. The youngsters here now are falling apart and another reason to not worry about racing them in the future. Even when racing them I’m not worried about where they come it was only ever for a bit of experience. 

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