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Another trainer this morning


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I got up early again this morning and took the youngsters for another trainer. It was a bit misty, quite thick in places, but quite low lying, you could see the tops of the trees above it in clear blue skies. I got to where I let them go and it was quite misty.

This is at 6.10am. 

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The sun was just coming up so my hope was that it would clear some of the mist. 

This was at 6.30am.

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There were half a dozen red kite flying around but they don’t bother the pigeons. I let them go at 6.35am. I did go through some fairly thick patches on my way home but got home at 7.00 and they were all already back. 

These photos show better the surrounding area where I liberate from Murray. It’s a site used a lot by federations for racing from. 

Home of the ukpigeonracing test loft.

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Thanks for taking the trouble to post those pictures, Andy.

It is a lovely place and a terrific place to liberate from. 

And it's all green. Makes me a tiny bit homesick for New Zealand. But only for a second. 

Here is home, and here is brown and hard. 


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well done Andy 

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Well done mate

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