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A bit of hope


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There may be hope that we may still get a full season of channel racing. At least with the BICC. 

This was posted on Facebook by Doug Gatland of the BICC 

Important Update:

The very recent update from the RPRA sent to the BICC and many many others in the Fancy, has clearly caused both awareness of the current European Law concerning movement of all birds within the EU, and considerable debate and concern amongst the pigeon racing community, as to whether English clubs will, or will not, be allowed to race from France and Spain in 2021. The RPRA with whom we have been in discussion are confident and supportive and consequently the BICC wishes to advise both their members and the wider racing community at large, that we intend to continue with our cross-Channel program commencing with the first race from Falaise on May 1st. The BICC would like to thank Ian Evans and the RPRA for all the hard work being put in.

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