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2020 season analysis for Barcelona loft.  


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25/08/2020 9:56 pm  

Well a very difficult season from start to finish. Everything being up in the air as far as racing was concerned and difficult to plan for anything much.

Although the last 2 weeks with the young birds have been a disaster I still feel there are a few positives to be taken from the season. 

So at the end of last season I started planning for this one. I was fairly happy with the way the 2019 season had gone. I had already decided to move the loft and extend it. Then in November I was offered a loft from a fellow member of my old club in Worthing who was having to give up. With the help of Brian, whose loft it was, my brothers Trev and Kevin and my son Chris the loft was taken down and brought back to Somerset at the end of November. I had hoped to of erected it fairly quickly and get the birds moved in. But the weather was against us especially on the Sundays the only day I have off. It wasn’t until the end of February that I finally managed to get the loft back up. I then moved the old loft and had that completed by the end of April. 

I started this season, 2020, with a race team of 23 birds.

These were made up of.

One 3 year old that had flown the channel 4 times up to 343 miles but out of race time. This hen is still here although unraced this season due to not being right. 

A 3 year old and two 2 year olds that had flown the channel a total of 11 times between them up to 240 miles. One of these is still here.

One 5 year old that had flown the channel 3 times to 212 miles. She is still here.

A 2 year old that had returned as a yearling from a youngbird race the year before. This one is still here. 

2 2018 latebreds. 1 had flown the channel once at 109 miles. The other was unraced. Both lost.

8 yearlings that had flown the channel once at 109 miles. 6 are still here.

7 yearlings that were unraced. 5 of these are still here. 1 wasn’t raced due to being hawked during preseason training. 

So 9 of the 23 lost. Leaving 14 old birds. 

Moving on to the end of the season. At present, as there is still time for some others to return, I now have.

The 5 year old Irish hen who has now flown the channel 5 times including the Pau International at 544 miles although out of race time.

The 3 year old hen of mine that didn’t race this year. 

The 3 year old Grizzle hen from Rainbow that has now flown the channel 5 times although only up to 240 miles.

Gb18Z06200 Blue Cock from Pete who has flown the channel 3 times to as far as 274 miles. Has been very late though on 2 of these so still much to prove. 

Then the yearlings.

GB19B05855 Blue Chequer Cock from Devo & CDBL who wasn’t raced last year but this year has been over the channel twice being 26th section 158th Open 343 miles. On the day.

GB19B05849 Blue Chequer Cock from John & Ben who wasn’t raced as a young bird and has now flown the channel twice being 87th Section 731st Open 343 miles. On the day.

GB19B05852 Blue Chequer Hen from Pete who has flown the channel 3 times and flew Guernsey as a young bird and this year was 91st section 102nd Open 178 miles and 88th section 738th Open 343 miles on the day.

GB19B05863 Dark Chequer Cock of mine who has flown the channel 3 times. Once as a young bird and was 240th section 448th open 178 miles and was in at 7.43am next day from 343 miles still in race time.

GB19B05857 Dark Chequer Hen from Devo & CDBL who has flown the channel 3 times to as far as 343 miles although out of race time. 

GB19B05881 Blue Cock from Phil who has flown the channel 3 times including being 158th section 1576th Open 274 miles.

GB19B05846 Blue Chequer Cock from John & Ben who has flown the channel 3 times to 274 miles.

GB19B05864 Dark Chequer Cock of mine who has flown the channel once at 178 miles.

IHU19S046751 Red Chequer Cock from Magic flown the channel once at 178 miles 

GB19B05883 Blue Chequer Hen from Phil who hasn’t raced yet as she was unraced as a youngster and was hawked in training before racing started.

Finally the youngsters.

GB20B08414 Dark Chequer Pied Cock from Phil who has flown 145 miles

GB20B08441 Grizzle Hen from Trev who has flown 145 miles 

The unraced youngsters are.

GB20B08401 Blue Hen bred by Pete for Murray

GB20B08404 Blue Chequer Cock from Pete

GB20B08410 Blue Chequer Cock from John & Ben

GB20B08411 Blue Chequer Hen from John & Ben

GB20B08412 Blue Chequer Cock from John & Ben

GB20B08430 Blue Chequer Hen of mine 

GB20B08432 Blue Chequer Cock of mine

GB20B08436 Blue Chequer Cock of mine.

These were unraced due to falling apart in the moult.

 I will try to get some photos taken of them all when I get time.

So as I said the distances achieved and the number of times the birds have been over the channel is better at the end of the season than the start. So I think as a team things are still moving forward. We will have a good team of 2 year olds and over that should be able to go to 500+ miles next season. I would just have liked to have had a few more youngsters left. 

I have got a pair of latebreds in the nest that I have bred from John & Bens No 49   who was 2nd bird on the day from 343 miles paired to Pete’s no 52 who was first bird from 178 miles and the 3rd bird on the day from 343 miles. 

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26/08/2020 9:45 am  

Brilliant report Andy,  sounds like a great team to go forward next year, and I think you and roxanna have done a great job with the birds so far and I'm sure in the next few years we will all be glued to the forum to see the first of the team to clock from Barcelona. 

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26/08/2020 9:57 am  

Excellent summary Andy. This time next year Grinning

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.

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26/08/2020 5:49 pm  

Good report again Andy and an honest update, as we have said before it was always going to be a long and bumpy journey especially with so many birds coming from different lofts. It continues to give us all an added interest and enjoyment sharing the venture with you. Although the losses are hard to to take especially as I know you feel for those members whose birds you lose but year on year the team is still strengthening and moving in the right direction. You only need a few birds to start shining and things will soon look a whole lot different, as for the lack of youngsters many top distance fliers (especially those of days gone by) only ever bred about a dozen youngsters to start with and would only have room for around 30 birds to overwinter, it only takes 1 good bird to win a race.

Keep up the good work bruv, we are all behind you 👍

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28/08/2020 5:49 pm  

Very interesting read that was Andy, and as a newbie I think you have done very well. The channel certainly seems to sort the wheat from the chaff, and to have several birds that have flew the channel several times shows the quality of the birds you have, certainly something for me to aspire to.

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29/08/2020 8:57 pm  

A great read Andy, thanks for the prompt about the update on here.I always look forward and enjoy the catch up on how the birds are doing.Also your thoughts on what has worked and what has frustrated you a honest summary.I believe all members look forward to the updates, and following the story of racing Barcelona in coming years.