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Homing period


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Hi people. Just started in the pigeon racing business. Just wondering how long the homing period I should keep the birds in the loft for is?


the birds I’m getting will only be several months old and have not flown outside themselves at all. 

cheers guys

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I'll let some of the more experienced guys answer in more detail, but if they are several months old i would be worried they would be too strong on the wing and could get lost easily.

PS welcome to the forum.

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Hi Alexj888 and welcome to the site and the sport, I wish you every success and hope you find both the sport and site enjoyable. 

If the birds you are getting are youngsters and haven't been out anywhere else then you should be able to get them out fairly quickly. I take it you have no other birds and have a loft set up and ready to go ?? 

When you get the birds give them a few days to settle in the loft and have a good look around, get them into a good feeding routine so they get to know when feed time is and use something that they can associate with feed time ie a whistle, rattle or call. If you have a basket you can put them in I would also get them out in the basket several times so they can also see the outside of the loft, then at feed time put the food down call them in as you usually would and put each one in through the trap. Then hopefully after a couple of weeks you should be able to just open the traps and let them come out in their own time, make sure they are hungry and let them out about an hour before their feed is due. They may take a day or two to venture out or they may come out straight away, breaking your first charges is probably one of the most stressful parts of keeping pigeons as it can go well or very badly, it certainly gets easier once you have a few birds settled. Good luck and let us know how it goes. 

All the best

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Hi Alexj888, welcome to the site and the sport. Trev has answered your question pretty well. It can be difficult breaking birds that have never been out as once given their freedom they are already strong on the wing and will just want to fly. You can certainly try to break them and if as Trev says you have got them used to a routine you may be ok. Once you have a couple staying it will be much easier. If they are good pigeons and you really don’t want to lose them I would consider keeping them shut in until you have bred something from them or at least got them paired up. See what they are like when you get them and see how old they are. It will be a real worry for you the first time they go out. 

All the best with them and in the sport. Just remember the biggest thing you need in this sport is patience. 

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Hi Alexj888. Welcome to the forum. 

I hope you enjoy it.

As Trevor and Andy have said, you can home bigger young birds like you have, but it can be a bit dicey. 

It is easier if you have some pigeons already flying to your loft. 

Be patient, take a week or so to get them into a routine of you feeding them at the same times every day, and spend some time just talking to them and getting them used to you.

Good luck! 

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Welcome to the site, wish you well with the birds what others have saidregards birds

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