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😮 I was in the loft when I heard a sudden commotion. I stepped out and looked up, the Peregrine was hovering about 20 feet above the TV aerial! I yelled at it and waved my arms, and it side slipped and cruised away.

Wow, up close those things are BIG! 😮 😮

With it being so dry this year, I guess there is a shortage of prey for them. The goshawks lurk around the place, but I haven't seen a falcon come right down to the loft before. It's been getting bolder and bolder.

Must be bloody hungry.

I am good! They aren't firing rubber bullets at me. Yet.
Welcome to Victoria, 2021.

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the big ones are the Hen birds ,the cocks are a lot smaller ,

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I would imagine the fires you have been having haven't helped them either, thankfully I haven't seen any peregrine's or Goss hawks around me but I know there are plenty of them on the race route. Sparrow hawks are my problem around the loft 😡😡