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Fight fire with fire.


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The Internet is full of attacks on cats and dogs by Birds of Prey and I can't understand why the Sport does not high light these attacks and make them known to the general public. Our Sport is under constant attack by these murderers and the tried and tested campaigns such as Save Our Song Birds etc. etc, etc have failed miserably as the general public just do not want to know BUT if their little moggy or puppy was at risk then maybe attitudes would change.
A heading such as " Does this fate await your little kitten? The R S P B are introducing Birds of Prey into our towns and cities which are not their natural habitat. When all the food supplies such as robins, sparrows etc are exhausted they then turn their attention ...... or words to that effect might have the desired effect.

(If the sound could be muted permanently it would greatly help too I would imagine.)

Hawk Kills Kitten

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Never seen that before, shocking as it is folk do need to know it happens

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Never seen that before, shocking as it is folk do need to know it happens

I quite agree, things like this should be brought to the public's attention. Unfortunately though people only see what they want to see.
If we just left nature to its own device's we wouldn't have such a big problem, it's when humans interfere that things go wrong. It's the introduction of these artificial nesting sites that is causing the problem.

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Haven't seen anything like that before either. Might be one way of getting the message across that these birds would kill anything to get a meal.

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