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Youngsters coming on nicely


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I’ve been going through the youngsters this afternoon. They are going through the moult nicely and handle really well. They are still going out twice a day and flying well. There are 29 in total and will give us a nice team of yearlings. 

Here are a few photos of ones I have here from one of our members.

These 3 were bred by Trev. 

0AB26B25 243D 417A B13D C764C47D5067
1E151852 F94A 4349 9DB5 C6A900906720

This one was bred by Trev for Murray 

1B79CE0E 6CDC 4843 AA2C E68B979493B5

These 3 were bred by Stew “Potter”

BB41FFA4 0101 43B9 A10D BCFDA3A99503
82707AEE D816 4AA6 8E3E 9CC669220090
E92AF6F7 02C2 4C87 9327 7ECC487E2DD2

These 2 were bred by George 

516F7856 DC46 479B A3A0 B7E2A7C9E46C
02007B9B 8F5F 4C56 980A C51EF76331D9

I have some nice youngsters bred by myself from the stock birds from John & Ben along with others from older birds from our members. I will take some more photos soon. 


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Looking well mate, like those grizzles

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agree they do look well and a strong team to start with next year

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Looking good Andy.