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One for Andy, Start them young


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Our Mum has been having a sort out of some of her old slides, (for our younger members these were photos in years gone by ) she has given them to me to look at and this was the first one I pulled out of the box. Looking at how young Dad is and the garden he is in I'm pretty certain its Andy's early encounters with pigeons 👍🤠

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I'm sure I will find some more gems when I look through the rest {blue}:wink: {blue}:grinning:  

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Great photo Trev. That was at Pende Close. That garden now has the base of a footbridge going over the A27 in it. The bungalow has also gone with it. 

There are probably a few more with me and dad with the pigeons as a toddler. Lol. 

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Great pic and great memories

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What a cutie! {blue}:starryeyes:  

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