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The Loft of Trev.  


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08/06/2020 9:45 am  

I was looking at Trev's loft videos before.

The birds all look very fit and well, and very pleased to have Lisa looking after them instead of trev. I Dont Know  

A wee issue with the roof, previously mentioned, but for any new starter, this is what you want. 

Nice and dry and clean and healthy, happy pigeons. 

That is how you win races. Wink  



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08/06/2020 11:06 am  

Totally agree Murray. They need to be fit and healthy, but most of all have that love for home and their owner. This is only achieved by spending time with the birds and getting to know them. 

Trevor Hodges
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08/06/2020 9:02 pm  

Thanks Muzza and yes I totally agree they are happier having Lisa look after them Smile she also does a pretty job of looking after me 🤠👍

Great advice for our new starters as well mate with a Dry, clean loft and happy healthy birds you are well on your way. As you also rightly pointed out my roof has been an issue and something I will be changing at some point in the future, hopefully before next winter.