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Race corridors  


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03/06/2020 6:48 pm  

So just thinking of getting back to training YB and 1 year olds. Live near Guildford so south east. When you get out to 30 miles or so all directions are there sort of race corridors that you should elongate out to? Is there such a thing as a map of liberation points for the non-channel UK races?



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03/06/2020 8:23 pm  

Hi Saul, I believe you can find a map of all the UK liberation sites on the RPRA website.

As you aren't yet thnking of racing I wouldn't worry too much about the direction I would just go whichever way is easiest and has a decent site for liberation. Many fanciers do have a strict regime when it comes to training routes usually based on the location of their first race point. They will look at the likely line of flight and find locations along that line as training points. That's fine if the whole federation is flying up the same corridor but many federations, especially down here on the south have quite a wide spread at the home end. In this case you would want to try and a decent break point, this would be a location on the flight path where are the birds are likely to split as this is where you would want your birds to leave the pack to save them having to fly extra miles which will cost you valuable time. Years ago when I lived in Lancing and we raced north road our federation spread from Brighton to Portsmouth I believed the pigeons split at our two local rivers (the Arun and the Adur) to bring them through the South downs rather than having to go over them so I wanted my birds to find the river Adur to bring them over to the east so I would train between Loxwood to the west and Turners hill to east. Did it work !! I couldn't tell you but I did have my fair share winners. I think line of flight training is important for the shorter distance and inland races but once they are across the water the direction you have trained them becomes more irrelevant so these days I would be happy to take them in any direction. Having said that I do mostly train to the west of me as this is the direction of our inland races and the easiest direction for me to get any distance in but once they go over the water this is useless as I live right on the coast and the birds are likely to come ashore anywhere between Hampshire and Kent. 

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