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Pigeon Cant Fly, bad foot, leg


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i feed wild pigeons

there a pigeon i noticed for a week now that limps badly when walking, think its right foot/ leg the problem
it sit down or actually should i say lie down everyday next to the feeder tray to eat
always seems to lie down when i see it on roof or eating, it not like standing

today i see this pigeon try fly up to my roof but it could not make it then i see it fall down
the table was in the way of my view but it seems to have landed ok thank god

a family member checked its feet he said nothing seems to be broken as he pulled gently on its feet, legs
but when i saw pigeon walking or should i say limping badly looks like its right ankle was at an angle not straight maybe

i had to bring pigeon into my home as it walk to and lie down in corner of garden for hours not able to fly off
in a cage now lie down, its not touched the seeds
the concerning thing i see is its poo is so big, the poo is way bigger than normal
pigeon in a dim room but the poo seems dark color like maybe brown

a family member thinks its a young pigeon he used to have pigeons as a kid

what could be wrong with this pigeon
why its poo so big and fall from the sky?
what do i do for this pigeon?

let me know please need help

am in uk north west greater manchester area