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Trevor Hodges
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Posted by: @muzza

I look forward to reading your explanation of your selection of a distance pigeon vs a short distance pigeon.

I would suggest it will be valuable reading. killer is a successful flyer in the crucible that is long distance racing in Australia.

killer breeds pigeons that can, and do, fly 700 miles as young birds. He knows what he is talking about.  

I, on the other hand, cannot stop thinking like a jockey. Wink . I potter about, looking at them and noting one that is developing form, and trying to set it for a race. 

To me, a win is a win. 

I don't care if it is 75 miles or 750 miles. 

For me, the satisfaction is in seeing one that looks to be hitting form, and putting it in the right race. Grin  

I quite agree with your sentiment mate and seeing the birds arrive home from any distance is always an amazing feeling. 

To add my two penneth from my experience you can get a long distance bird to win from the shorter races but you will very rarely get an out and out sprint bird to win from the marathon races. You only have to look at athletes of any kind be they human or animal, the build is completely different depending on what their discipline is. Jmo 

Try and get Linford Christie to beat Mo Farah over a marathon 👍🤠

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Hopefully so do I lol 

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