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Deep Litter


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With the clocks changing and it now being dark by the time I finish work I have to change my routine to just cleaning out and feeding once a day. I usually scrape out twice a day. I have been trying out the lino in one section. This has worked quite well but there is one damp area under where the drinker goes. I am considering trying deep litter during the winter. I have used it before but have always reverted back to scrapping out. I did use it a couple of years ago when I had paramyxovirus in the loft. It done a good job of soaking up all the wet droppings but I quickly got rid of it once the birds were better.  I used the wood pellet cat litter.

My question is what do other members feel about deep litter. How deep? Do you sieve it at all or take the top off and top up periodically and if so how often. What would you use? I have tried sand mixed with limestone flour. That was easy to sieve. I have used straw and as said the cat litter. 

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Andy the dressing i like in the lofts, is Megazorb a great light dressing. Just rake through daily, loft looks fresh and easy to maintain.

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tried to do without easibed but had to go back to using it what i don't do now is have it so deep and with the dropping board under the perches there is very little droppings on the floor 

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I have used different things on the floor in the past. The thing is, nothing is free. 

Yes, putting sawdust, wood chips, straw or some sort of absorbent on the floor means you don't have to scrape out tomorrow. Or next week.........

But 🤨  

If you don't clean out for three months, you have to clean out three months worth of litter, one day. 

I am lazy. I would rather spend 20 minutes a day scraping and sweeping, than have half a tonne of deep litter a couple of times a year. 


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