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It is useless to stuff the pigeons with energy if their body does not assimilate much more than 25%"

Many fanciers insist on administering all kinds of fortifiers, stimulants and energy to their pigeons, without taking into account that the body of the pigeons takes advantage of what it can assimilate at that moment and, the rest, eliminates it. In this way, in most cases, a very, very high percentage of the supposed energy that we are giving is wasted.

Today, the great champions use very different techniques: instead of filling the pigeons with energy, they have found that it is much more effective to stimulate the metabolism of the pigeons, so that the conversion of carbohydrates into Energy. In this way, the pigeons' energy reserves increase and this energy is gradually released as the pigeon needs it.

This is one of the secrets to getting pigeons to fly FASTER for LONGER.

Today I am going to talk to you about a product that is precisely focused in this way:

Prowins Cat-B12 Plus, a powerful metabolic stimulant, specifically developed to increase endurance in flight and delay muscle fatigue in high competition pigeons.
What is Prowins Cat-B12 Plus

It is a product focused on optimizing the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids, in order to optimize and increase the energy reserves of the pigeons' body and, consequently, considerably improve performance in the most demanding competitions.

At the same time it optimizes metabolism, protects the liver, improves oxygenation of the blood and, consequently, delays the onset of muscle fatigue during flights.

In addition, Cat-B12 Plus prevents the proliferation of fungi.

What are the benefits of using Cat-B12 Plus properly and regularly

- Optimizes carbohydrate metabolism, increasing energy reserves for flights.
- Improves resistance during flights.
- Stimulates the production of red blood cells in the blood.
- Improves oxygenation of the blood.
- Increases physical performance.
- Increases zeal and desire to fly.
- Stimulates the nervous system.
- Prevents the proliferation of fungi.

How and when to use Cat-B12 Plus

Cat-B12 Plus is indicated primarily for use during the racing season. To take full advantage of all its properties, we must apply it as follows:
- 5 ml per 2 liters of drinking water the 2 days prior to basketing.

In this way, on the day of the flight, the pigeons' energy reserves will be at their maximum level.
Try it and share the results obtained with us.


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Thanks buster ,I’ve used B12 & B15 off & on since the 80s mixed with an iron tonic ,but to be honest I’m not sure of its advantage ,speaking with Vets the best way to use it ,is by injection ,& not orally, most of the tonics we give them is blown out the rear end & only make us feel good , but would be interested in the results of a trial done by Fanciers ,I’ve resisted the injections because of bruising which would create soreness in the muscles , cheers 

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I used to use an iron tonic, and a multi vitamin 2 part liquid product, which was made for horses. 

One part was the B group vitamins, which was one colour, and the other part was the A,D,E group, which was a different colour. By simply reducing the correct amount fed by 1000, it was easy to dilute the products to the the right amount. 

I cannot prove that these things work, but the pigeons were winning races, and, as far as I know, that is the whole point of it. 

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