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I like to give apple vinegar to my pigeons, along with garlic. 

Some say it is very good for the health, others say it is no use at all.

Each to their own opinion. 

Anyway, I like to use naturally fermented apple cider vinegar, with the 'mother' in it. I was getting a bit low so when I was at the wholesaler a while ago I bought some cheap cider vinegar. It smelt and tasted like vinegar, but was crystal clear and contained " fermented cider vinegar, apple concentrate". 

I tipped it into the nearly empty bottle of natural ACV, and the mother grew like crazy, the vinegar got a nice cloudy look to it and I was very surprised.

So when that ran out, I repeated the exercise. this time I tipped the last of it out, but did not rinse the bottle. I filled it up with the cheap supermarket stuff, et voila, in two days the mother is growing in it again. Obviously the tiny bit that was stuck in the plastic pourer and on the inside of the bottle was enough to seed it. 

It probably makes no difference, but it is fun doing it!

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Very interesting Murray. So you think that the cheap stuff from the supermarket doesn’t contain the ‘mother’. I am fortunate but the stuff I use is the proper stuff that as you say is cloudy, actually a brownish/yellow, and has bits floating in it. But I can get mine from my wholesalers at a good price. 

I suppose the difference is that the ‘proper stuff’ is strong and could actually cause a problem if taken neat. The cheap stuff is probably much milder and safer. 

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If you go to home bargain, you can get the mother cider vinegar only £1.39. A couple of times through the week should do them well.