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Keith Simpson Report - HUNTINGDON (2) & BOURGES


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“The Original” Around The Up North Combine
By Good Corn

I have two races to report on this week, one from the Up North Combines longest race Bourges which is from a distance of 540 miles for the bottom end of the Combine and over 600 miles for the top end of the Combine, the second race is from the inland Huntingdon (2) race. I will start with the inland race first.

The East Cleveland Federations 56 members entry of 1,220 birds were liberated from Huntingdon (2) at 8.10am in a light variable wind on Saturday 22nd June. The Skinningrove H/S 12/327 loft of Mike Prokopowicz & son Lee timed a couple of their entries to win an impressive 1st Club, 1st and 15th Fed with vels of 1718 and 1764. With Mike & Lee's well out in front Federation winner who netted 3rd Club, 13th Fed, 2nd £2 Fed Nom pocketing £30 out of Roye being a 2018 bred chequer hen out of a home-bred sire that bred Mike & Lee's 2nd UNC Silver Medal young bird Peterborough National winner in 2016. The dam of the pole position Federation winner was bred by Wayne Doonan and is a 1st Federation winner herself and scorer of minor Fed positions. The lads second timer was the 2y Chris Vasey bred 2y blue hen that beat this week 1st Fed winning loftmate from Roye when she won 1st Club, 5th Fed, 98th Combine. The late Gordon “Shang” Peirson MBE & sons Sack & Jim and loft helpers Trevor & Bobby McConnell returned to the frame after timing a couple of birds to score a very nice 2nd Club winning the £5 Club Nom, 2nd and 14th Fed on 1695 and 1664.1. With the lads blue card potter that took 22nd Fed out of Newark Cattle Mart being a yearling blue Heremans Ceusters x Kittel cock bred through Anthony Thompson of Stockton and Stuart Watson of South Bank stock. Sack, Jim, Trevor & Bobby's second timer was a 1y blue Dirk Van Den Bulck cock bred by Stuart Watson who took 12th Fed young bird Chelmsford when there were 1,177 birds away, the cock also took 18th Fed out of this years Chelmsford (2) race.

B & K Simpson had five of their widowhood team on the clock to lift 3rd Club, 3rd, 10th, 13th, 16th and 17th Fed on 1695, 1667, 1664.4, 1661.7, 1661.6 with the green card going to a 2y chequer Louis Cooreman hen bred by good friend Bob Fenech of Norfolk fame, with the hen being the previous scorer of 4th Club, 12th Fed old bird Maidstone National in 2018 out of 1,006 birds. The hen has being in the frame a couple of time this season when taking 5th Club, 22nd Fed Bubwith beaten by two loftmates that won 1st and 2nd Club, 1st and 5th Fed when there were 1,281 birds competing. And she followed that up by netting 2nd Club, 8th Fed Newark Show Ground when she was beaten by a loftmate who won 1st Club, 4th Fed from an entry of 1,767 birds. Brian & Keith's second timer was a 2y chequer Dirk Van Den Bulck hen bred by Bob Fenech, the hen won 1st Club, 4th Fed young bird Bubwith (1) from a convoy of 1,868 birds and has potted 4th Club, 9th Fed out of Chelmsford (2) this season when beaten by a loftmate. Third on the clock for the Brothers was a yearling blue Dirk Van Den Bulck cock bred by Bob Fenech and he was followed by a 2y dark Dirk Van Den Bulck cock bred by Bob Fenech who is the previous winner of 1st Club, 8th Fed Oakham, 4 Club, 10th Fed Chelmsford, 17th Fed Oakham and 1st Club, 1st Fed Oakham. One second behind the dark cock came a yearling mealy Dirk Van Den Bulck cock again bred by Bob Fenech, with the cock being the previous potter of 3rd Club, 6th Fed out of the previous weeks Huntingdon (1) race when beaten by two loftmates that took 2nd and 3rd Club, 3rd and 4th Federation.

Mr & Mrs I & E Purver are in the points after timing a yearling doing 1682 to chalk up a notable 4th Club, 5th Fed with Ian & Liz yellow card potter being a blue chequer Gaby Vandenabeele who is out of a cock who is a grandson of “Shadow” x “Golden Gaby”. While the dam of the timer is off “Jason” who was Ian & Liz's number one stock cock x “Gold Band” who was mother of Ian & Liz's 2016 1st Up North Combine Gold Medal Reims winner “Dream Girl” from a convoy of 4,193 birds. Stafford & Wilson had a single bird on the clock to notch up 5th Club, 6th Fed on 1671. The loft of Sayers Bros David, the late Kenny & Brian timed a trio of birds to claim 8th, 9th and 18th Fed on 1667, 1667, 1658. White Bros Malc & Stuart timed a 2018 bred chequer hen doing 1664.8 to notch up 12th Fed; with the duo's timer that took 6th Club, 11th Fed out of Chelmsford (2) being bred out of a David Coates of Boosbeck cock paired to a hen bred by Bob McGillycuddy of Redcar. The hen also has a 1st and 2nd Club, 2nd and 4th Fed to her credit.

Mr & Mrs Golly “Graham” & Linda Peirson, Tubby “Graham” Peirson, Evo “Ian” Everington & Frankie Roland got back to their winning ways in fine style at Brotton H/S after timing a trio of birds to win a top-notch 1st, 2nd, 3rd Club, 4th, 7th, 24th Fed with vels of 1688, 1667.7, 1656. With top spot being won by a 3y chequer Rietvink x Koopman cock who is a son of a cock who is the nestmate to Evo's 2012 1st Up North Combine Gold Medal old bird Folkestone (2) National winning “Evo's Lad” from a convoy of 15,855 birds. The dam of the inform Golly, Linda, Tubby, Evo & Frankie's red card winner is a Koopman who is a granddaughter of “Klinerderk”. The partnership that have racked up 5 x 1st Clubs and 4 x 1st Federations so far this season flying in Brotton H/S, blue card potter was a 2y blue Van Loon cock bred by Evo while the green card was awarded to a yearling blue hen that is off Golly & Linda's outstanding channel cock the the previous winner of 6 x 1st Clubs when Golly & Linda flew at one of their old loft locations. Golly & Linda also flew a good Pigeon from their former allotment where they won a number of races and Club averages. Reg Wilson, Ray Mole & Partners timed a yearling and a 2y achieving 1655 and 1652 to pocket 4th and 6th Club, 26th and 30th Federation, while W & S Ward notched up 5th Club, 29th Fed on 1652.

Bowden Bros Mick & Boss and Trevor Mitchell got back to their winning ways at Skelton Green after clocking five of their inform squad to win 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Club to claim the Lion's share of the points which has become regular this season. Leading the way for Mick, Boss & Trevor was a out in front 2018 bred Van Loon widowhood cock racking up a vel of 1667 to chalk up 11th Fed. Mick has housed the Van Loons for a great number of years now with them being a good honest family winning at Club, Fed, Section and UNC level. The green card was netted by a yearling blue Harry x Di Caprio lines widowhood hen and the yellow was taking by a 1y widowhood hen and she was followed by a yearling Busschaert and a 1y both being widowhood hens. The previous weeks winning partnership of Bill Chapman, son Steve & Colin and the late Tommy Swinburne halted the clean sweep by netting 2nd Club with a 2y dark chequer Wildemeersch hen.

W & S Ward keep up with outstanding form clocking a couple of their six Brotton 6 Bird Club entries to win 1st and 4th Club, with the red card winning 3y Leo Heremans cock who took 5th Club the previous race doing 1652 for 31st Fed. Bill and grand/son Shaun's yellow card scorer was a previous winning Homer & Williams Leo Heremans hen. Mr & Mrs Golly & Linda Peirson, Tubby Peirson, Eve & Frankie potted 2nd and 6th Club with the blue going to a yearling chequer Staf Van Reet x Evo's Rietvink cock on 1649 for 35th Fed; and he was followed by a own lines 2016 bred chequer cock. Kevin & Merv Brown & Sacker “Bill” Cole are in third spot with Kevin, father Merv & Sacker's green card potter being a 2y hen of John Weldon lines. The lads are staring to put a run together after winning 1st Club, 16th Fed Huntingdon (1) the previous week, and the race before that they won 1st Club, 23rd Fed Roye. Andrew & Gavin Doe, Dillon “John” Swales and the late Sandy Sanderson return to the points to notch up 5th Club with a 2018 bred blue Steve Foster Lambrecht hen.

Tony Hunt chalks up his second win on the bounce and third win of the season at Marske & New Marske after timing a couple of his entries to win 1st and 2nd Club for the second week running. With top spot being won by a 2y blue Van Gompel widowhood cock doing 1446 for 39th Fed; the cock proved his worth by winning 2 x 1st Clubs and 2 x 2nd Clubs last season. The blue card was awarded to a 2017 bred Van Gompel widowhood cock who is the brother to Tony's red card winner. Jimmy Reed filled a couple of chambers to lift 3rd and 4th Club with the green card scoring yearling grizzle hen who was sent sitting won a 1st and 2 x 2nd Clubs as a young bird. Jimmy's yellow card potter was a 3y chequer cock off a son of Tony Hunt's “SED Cock”, the cock has never won but he has several positions to his credit.

The Haverton Hill partnership of Paul Gatley, Graham Harrod & son Dale timed a couple of birds to win a cracking 1st and 2nd Club, 1st and 7th Teesside Federation out of any entry of 291 birds. With the 3y winning chequer hen who wins the 10p pool pocketing £15.96 and achieving a top vel of 1693 is scoring for the second time this season after netting 3rd Club, 8th Fed Chelmsford (2) when beaten by a loftmate taking 2nd Club 5th Fed. The blue card was awarded to a 2016 bred blue cock doing 1599 and winning the £1 pool banking £20.25; the cock has shown plenty of form this season winning 3rd Club, 15th Fed Oakham (1), 4th Club, 19th Fed Folkestone National, 2nd Club, 5th Fed Chelmsford (2) and then winning 1st Club, 8th Federation Huntingdon (1) the previous week. Nathan Bonner is in 3rd spot with the lads green card potter being a 1y blue cock doing 1598 for 9th Fed; the cock notched up 18th Fed young bird Huntingdon when beaten by two loftmates that won 1st and 5th Club, 1st and 15th Federation. Stuart “Lewie” Lewis, Amber & Coby McCabe clocked a yearling chequer cock and a 4y blue hen doing 1597 and 1589 for 4th Club, 10th and 16th Fed. Andrew “Jappa” Appleton & Paul “Cyprus” Longstaff timed a 2y blue hen doing 1594 and a 1y blue hen making 1589 to claim 12th and 17th Fed.

Onto Billingham T U H/S where the loft of Ali “Mac” McLeod timed a couple of yearling blue hens seven seconds apart to win 1st and 2nd Club, 18th and 20th Fed on 1588 and 1587 with the red card winner who netted 3rd Club, 6th Fed Chelmsford (1) when beaten by a loftmate that took 2nd Club, 5th Fed being a Vandenabeele who is out of one of Ali's best stock cocks who was a good racer which included him scoring 9th and 51st UNC Lillers. With the cock being out of a hen who was a daughter of the famous “Jester” & “Carrie” of Mark & Dicky Evans when paired to Ali's number one cock, the sire, grand/sire & great/grand/sire of all of Mac's big winners. The dam of the red card winner is off Mac's number one Koen Minderhoud which is the mother of the loft and a top, top loft at that. The blue card was awarded to a Vandenabeele that is out of a cock who is direct from Ali's number one breeding cock, while the dam of the hen who has carded a number of times is direct Mar & Dicky Evans Koen 7 pair.

Moving onto the Stockton West End where we see the loft of Mr & Mrs Steve Cuthbert timing a well out in front yearling blue hen recording a top vel of 1661 to win an outstanding 1st Club and 1st Tees Valley Federation. Steve enjoyed much success when flying in the partnership of the late Nev & Angela & Steve Cuthbert partnership when flying in Haverton Hill, Teesside Federation. Nev, Angela & Steve flew a fantastic Pigeon winning many1st Clubs, 1st Federations, Club & Federation averages. Including 1st Club, 1st Fed, 1st Section, 2nd Up North Combine Reims in 2014 winning a Combine Silver Medal from a convoy of 5,195 birds. They followed that up by winning 1st Club, 1st Fed, 1st Section, 5th Up North Combine Reims in 2015 from a convoy of 3,877 birds. Nev, Angela & Steve will always be remembered for their outstanding Sun City Million Dollar Classic performance where they won a motor car. Back to the race where Stephen Bousfield & sons Mark & Stephen timed a 4y blue hen and a 3y chequer hen doing 1632 and 1580 to lift 2nd and 6th club, 4th and 17th Federation. F Birch who is enjoying a good season clocked a yearling blue hen doing 1597 and a 3y blue hen on 1589 to net 3rd and 4th Club, 13th and 14th Federation. While the partnership of Appleton, Howells & Hobson pocket 5th Club, 16th Fed with a 2017 bred blue hen making 1582.

On Friday 21st June Peter Maw the Up North Combine Chief Convoyer liberated the convoy of 1,275 birds from Bourges at 5.40am flying into a light north-east wind, turning to a west wind at the French coast. Like many times before the Blue Riband race was going to be a very testing time for the birds, with a number of fanciers looking for the first arrivals at the bottom end of the Combine to be on the clock between 7 – 7.30pm. There was shouts of Charlie Hutchinson of Grangetown, North Yorks Federation timing at 6.55pm, as time past there was no more word of any more birds being clock until Paul Gatley, Graham Harrod & son Dale of Haverton Hill, Teesside Federation timed at around 9.30pm. The third and final bird to make it home on the night was for the loft of Ian Savage of Sunderland who timed at around 9.45pm. Congratulations to Charlie Hutchinson for winning 1st Up North Combine and a Combine Gold Medal. I'm over the moon for Charlie as he is a true Gentleman, a man who has raced Pigeons for a great number of years winning numerous races and averages in his time. Well done Charlie on a lifelong dream, you more than deserve you 1st Up North Combine winning performance. Congratulations to Ian Savage on winning 2nd Up North Combine and a Combine Silver Medal, and Paul Gatley, Graham & Dale Harrod for winning 3rd Up North Combine and a Combine Bronze Medal.

There was four birds out of the 53 entries recorded in race time in the Teesside Federation with the Haverton Hill partnership of Paul Gatley, Graham Harrod & son Dale having two of them to win a brilliant 1st and 2nd Club, 1st and 2nd Federation. With pole position being won by a 2y blue hen achieving a top vel of 1007 to win £30.00 Club pools, the Fed Nom and 1st Fed pools banking another £60.00 and not forgetting 3rd UNC. Paul, Graham & Dale's blue card scoring 2017 bred grizzle hen was timed early next morning to achieve a vel of 875 which was enough to lift 2nd £5 Fed pools netting £30.00 and 6th UNC winning the “Vodaphone Trophy” for the best two bird performance average. The late Jack Burton & son Steve have an impeccable record from Bourges over the year with a number of top performance from the longest race. And this time it was no different for Steve did himself proud by timing a 2017 bred blue hen to win 1st Middlesbrough H/S, 2nd Fed and 42nd UNC. The late Les Wellburn & sons Les & Derek who also have a brilliant record from Bourges timed a 5y chequer hen doing 487 to lift 2nd Club, 4th Fed, 78th Combine and 8th North of England Championship Club pocketing £15.84.

There was seven birds recorded in race time in the East Cleveland Federation from a 25 members entry of 90 birds. With Ian Stafford & Mark Wilson of Skinningrove 7/39 timing three of their entries to win a brilliant 1st, 2nd, 3rd Club, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Federation, with the winning 3y achieving a top vel of 709 to win 1st £1, £2, £5 Fed Noms banking £122.00 and 34th UNC. While their blue card scoring 2y who racked up a vel of 686 took 2nd £2 Fed Nom banking another £24.00 and 38th UNC; and the green card going to a 3y on 621 for 60th Combine. Mr & Mrs Murphy timed a 2y doing 481 to chalk up 4th Club, 5th Fed, 80th UNC. Don Smith & Daughter had the only bird back in race time at Boosbeck 3/7 with the pole position winner being a 2010 rung North Yorks Pigeon racking up a vel of 582 to score 4th Fed, 3rd £2 Fed Nom lifting £16.00 and 66th Combine. Don also took 7th North of England Championship Club netting £28.25. This is Don's second Bourges win on the bounce after winning 1st Club, 5th Fed, 38th UNC last season from a convoy of 1,360 birds. Onto Brotton H/S 4/10 where the loft of Mr & Mrs Golly & Linda Peirson, Tubby Purver, Evo & Frankie recorded a hat-trick of channel wins, with the chart-topper being a 2016 bred chequer DeWeerdt Cooper cock bred by Evo with the parents from Gordon Clark of Blackhall, with a top vel of 430 the red card winning cock went onto score 6th Fed, 88th UNC. Golly, Linda, Tubby, Evo & Frankie have flown an impeccable Pigeon from the channel this year after winning 1st, 3rd, 6th Club, 1st , 18th, 35th Fed, 48th and 231st UNC Ypres out of an entry of 12,043 birds and then winning the first nine Club positions from Roye when their first four timers went onto win 1st, 4th, 6th, 12th Fed, 2nd winning a Combine Silver Medal, 96th, 125th, 222nd UNC from a convoy of 6,476 birds. Next stop is Loftus 5/13 where the partnership of Harris Bros Eric & Ian and son Ian “Shot Gun Kelly” timed their 2y dark cock to win 1st Club, 7th Fed, 96th UNC on 348. With Eric, Ian & Shot Gun Kelly's red card winners sire being purchased from a One Loft Race auction in 2016, the dark cock was bred by Mark Brown out of a cock that won 1st Club, 8th Fed out of 837 birds and a hen that scored 3rd Club, 10th Fed 2,015 birds. The dark cock certainly has the pedigree breeding for the distance races as he is a grandson of “Champion Padfields Invincible”.

Before I shoot off I would like to thank the fanciers including the lads who gather info on their Club for getting the information of their timers to me in double quick time, Thank You. With that I will sign off for another week. Any news to Good Corn 6 Boulby Drive Loftus Saltburn Cleveland TS13 4JN. Tel: 01287 643624 or Email [email protected]


1. Sacker Cole of K & M Brown & Cole, holding their 3y chequer Van Osch x Veenstra hen
winner of 1st Club, 16th Fed Huntingdon (1) in the Brotton 6 Bird Club.
2. Steve Cuthbert of Mr & Mrs Cuthbert Stockton West End winners of 1st Club, 1st Tees Valley Fed Huntingdon (2), with Paul Longstaff and the late Nev Evans.
3. Harris Bros Eric & Ian and son Ian “Shot Gun Kelly's dark cock winner of 1st Club, 7th Fed, 96th UNC Bourges 1,275 birds.

94879=4833 Sacker Cole