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Keith Simpson Report - Folkestone (2) National report


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“The Original” Around The Up North Combine
By Good Corn

The convoy of 11,493 birds were liberated from the Up North Combine Folkestone (2) National at 7am in a light south-east wind on Saturday 29th June, a very fast race was on the cards and that's how it turned out but no one would have thought the birds were going to be that split up and with very poor returns for a number of lofts. At Skinningrove H/S the loft of Sayers Bros Dave, the late Kenny & Brian timed no fewer than five birds to win an outstanding 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Club, 1st 12th, 13th, 18th, 19th East Cleveland Federation from a 47 members entry of 789 birds, 4th, 62nd, 74th, 107th, 113th UNC with vels of 1870, 1818, 1809, 1794, 1791. The late Gordon “Shang” Peirson MBE & sons Sack & Jim and loft helpers Trevor & Bobby McConnell chalk up 2nd Club for the second race running after timing a yearling chequer Dirk Van Den Bulck cock achieving 1823.7 which was enough to lift a useful 10th Fed, 54th UNC. The cock who netted 11th Fed out of Oakham (1) when beaten by a loftmate that took 4th Club, 6th Fed is bred out of Stuart Watson stock. White Bros Malc & Stuart clocked a 2y Heremans Ceusters on 1790 for 20th Fed, 117th UNC; the timer who took 9th Fed Oakham (1) is out of a cock bred by R & H Hiorns who has a 1st Club, 3rd Fed to his credit while the dam through Homer & Williams stock that has 3 x 1st Clubs, 1st, 5th, 6th Fed to her credit. Tich Richards & Alice Marsay claimed 167th, 182nd UNC with a 2y doing 1776 and a yearling making 1773, Tich and granddaughter Alice also wins the Club £5 Nom.

The Skelton Green partnership of Bowden Brothers Mick & Boss and loft helper Trevor Mitchell achieved a clean sweep winning 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Club, with the lads red card winning yearling Busschaert x Huybregt widowhood cock recording a chart-topping vel of 1866 which was enough to score an impressive 2nd Fed, 9th UNC. The blue card was awarded to Mick, Boss & Trevor's consistent 2018 bred Drum x Van Loon cock on 1788 for 129th Combine, the cock has now racked up 4 x 2nd Clubs this year. The green was chalked up by a 1y widowhood hen and the yellow card was netted by a 2y dark chequer Busschaert widowhood cock and then came a couple of yearling widowhood hens to round of their eleventh Club win of the season. This top-notch team performance and their Folkestone (1) National winning performance wins Mick, Boss & Trevor the “Carole Simpson Memorial Trophy” for the best performance from the two old bird inland Nationals.

Next stop is Marske & New Marske where we see the partnership of Paul Longstaff, Jeff Moore & Ronnie Mackay returning to their winning ways after clocking a couple of their timers to win a top-notch 1st and 4th Club. With Paul, Jeff & Ronnie's pole position winner being a well-fancied 2018 bred blue widowhood cock from Dave Drinkhall of Guisborough fame recording a top vel of 1861.5 which was enough to score an impressive 4th Fed, 1st £2 Fed Nom pocketing £59.00 and 11th UNC. The red card winning cock is carding for the second race running after taking 5th Club out of Huntingdon (2). The yellow card was awarded to a yearling chequer widower of Anth Moore of Guisborough fame bloodlines. This is Paul, Jeff & Ronnie's third win of the old bird season after winning 1st Club, 22nd Fed out of the Folkestone (1) National when there was 1,041 birds away. The same Pigeon won a cracking 1st Club, 5th Fed, 1st £1, £2, £5 Fed Noms banking £172.00 and 75th = UNC Ypres from a convoy of 12,043 birds. Tony Hunt who won the previous two races out of Huntingdon (1) and Huntingdon (2) filled a couple of chambers to lift 2nd and 3rd Club with a couple of 2y blue Van Gompel widowhood cocks who are brothers and previous scorers of minor positions but not won as yet. The blue card potting cock knocked up a vel of 1801 to net a useful 16th Fed.

The Brotton H/S loft of Reg Wilson, Ray Mole & Partners are enjoying a very good season and it got even better after they timed two of their squad to win an outstanding 1st and 2nd Club, 5th and 7th Fed, 33rd and 45th UNC with vels of 1834 and 1827. With the red card being won by their trusted and well-fancied 5y who wins the £1, 2nd £2, 1st £5 Fed Noms banking £147.40. The winner has being a very consistent Pigeon over the years with its best performance being achieved in 2016 from the old bird Eastbourne (1) National when a most impressive 1st Club, 2nd Section and 2nd UNC winning a Combine Silver Medal was won from a convoy of 7,474 birds. This season has been no different than any other season really for the 5y notched up 5th Club, 20th Fed Chelmsford (1) when beaten by two loftmates and then 2nd Club, 11th Fed, 3rd £2 Fed Nom pocketing £24.00 and 124th UNC was taken out of Ypres. No matter what type of day Reg & Ray can rely on their star bird, be it a head wind or a tail wind it makes no difference just like this years North of England Homing Union Brighton Centenary Race where 1st Federation, 1st £1, £2, £5 Fed Noms banking £170.00 was won. Yes a very special bird that is still achieving top performance at all levels and from all distances. The blue card was awarded to a fancied 2y who lifts 2nd £2 Fed Nom pocketing£23.60, the same bird won 1st Club, 1st Fed Folkestone (1) National. Reg & Ray's first win of the season came at Bubwith on the opening day of the season when they timed two birds one second apart to win a cracking 1st and 2nd Club, 3rd and 4th Fed when there was 1,281 birds competing. Win number two in four races was achieved at Oakham (2) when their red card winner went onto score a top-notch 3rd Fed out of an entry of 1,632 birds. A week later they won 1st Club, 4th Fed Chelmsford (1) from a convoy of 1,536 birds and that was quickly followed up by achieving a hat trick of wins after winning a brilliant 1st Club, 1st Fed Folkestone (1) National when there was 1,041 birds away. Reg & Ray recorded their fifth win of the season out of Huntingdon (1) when their pole position winner went onto score 12th Fed when there was 940 birds competing.

The loft of Mr & Mrs Golly “Graham” & Linda Peirson & Tubby “Graham” Purver and Evo “Ian” Everington & Frankie Roland had no less than four of their entries on the clock to lift 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th Club, 8th, 14th, 15th, 17th Fed with vels of 1826.7, 1808, 1802, 1800. With the green card awarded to a 2018 bred blue flipey hen who went onto score a nice 28th UNC and she was followed by one of Evo's 3y dark Lambrecht hen chalking up 77th UNC. Third on the clock to pot 91st UNC was a 2y chequer cock the previous winner of 2 x 1st Clubs Ypres and next came a yearling that took 97th Combine to round off a notable performance. Bill Ward & grandson Shaun of the W & S Ward partnership had a couple of their timers on the clock to notch up 4th Club, 9th Fed, 50th and 164th UNC with a yearling doing 1826.4 and a 4y making 1777.

The cream has come to the top at the Brotton 6 Bird Club after my old mate Vic Garbutt, the late Brian “Rusty” Stone & Brian “Mac” McCormick timed a couple of their entries to win a top-notch 1st and 6th Club. With Vic & Mac's pole position winner being a own lines yearling dark chequer cock, while their second timer was another own lines yearling but this time a blue flipey cock.
Kevin & Merv Brown & Sacker “Bill;” Cole are still enjoying a notable run after timing the 2y John Weldon lines hen that netted 3rd Club the previous race out of Huntingdon (2) to move up a position this week to chalk up 2nd Club. The inform W & S Ward potted 3rd Club with Bill and grandson Shaun's green card lifter being “Lez” a 2y Leo Heremans hen, I'm not going to ask Bill why the hen is called “Lez”. The partnership of Andrew & Gavin Doe, Dillon “John” Swales and the late Sandy Sanderson had a couple of their team on the clock to lift 4th and 5th Club with the yellow card being awarded to a yearling dark chequer Van Doe special hen, and she was followed by a blue Steve Foster Lambrecht hen that notched up 5th Club the previous week.

You had to be in the top six in the Fed to draw money from the Fed Nom pot and Harris Brothers Eric & Ian and son Ian “Shot Gun Kelly” of Loftus timed their well-fancied 2y achieving a vel of 1832 to score a notable 2nd Club, 6th Fed and 3rd £2 Fed Nom pocketing £23.60 and 38th UNC. Eric, Ian & Shot Gun Kelly who won 1st Club, 7th Fed and 96th UNC Bourges from a distance of 538 miles the previous week from a convoy of 1,275 birds, this weeks timer has being in the points four times this season after chalking up 3rd Club, 19th Fed Bubwith out of an entry of 1,281 birds. Then 5th Club, 20th Fed was taken out of Oakham (1) when beaten by a loftmate that netted 3rd Club, 15th Fed when there were 1,937 birds. And this was followed up by claiming 5th Club, 19th Fed Oakham (3) when there was 1,350 birds competing. The lads timed a second birds, a yearling doing 1823.4 to chalk up 3rd Club, 11th Fed and 55th Combine to round off a enjoyable days racing.

Next stop is the Teesside Federation where the inform Haverton Hill partnership of Paul Gatley, Graham Harrod & son Dale are enjoying a brilliant run after winning 1st Club, 8th Fed Huntingdon (1) and followed that up by winning 1st and 2nd Club, 1st Fed and 7th Fed Huntingdon (2) and 1st, 2nd Club, 1st, 2nd Fed, 3rd and 6th UNC Bourges the previous race to this one. This week Paul, Graham & Dale timed a couple of yearling blue cocks recording vels of 1827 and 1751 to win 1st and 2nd Club from 68 birds, 1st and 3rd Federation out of an entry of 213 birds. With their well-fancied Federation winner winning the Club £1 pools pocketing £38.39 and 1st Fed pools netting £60, while their blue card potter takes 2nd Fed pools banking another £40 to round off another fantastic day. Andrew “Jappa” Appleton & Paul “The Tan” Longstaff had five birds on the clock to notch up 3rd and 4th Club, 7th, 9th, 18th, 19th, 20th Fed on 1722, 1721.

Onto Billingham T U H/S where we see Ali “Mac” McLeod timing a couple of his inform yearlings to win 1st and 2nd Club out of 45 birds, 4th and 8th Fed with vels of 1748, 1721.8. With top spot being won by Mac's very good blue Koen Minderhoud hen who wins the Fed Nom and who is out of a cock who was bred for stock from his original where he has proved himself over and over again, the dam of the red card winning hen is a direct daughter of Ali's number 1 Gabby cock from T Fowler paired onto the mother of Ali's top racing and now breeding cocks “82” and “29”. The cracking little hen is getting use to the winners' enclosure for she is the previous winner of 1st Club, 2nd Fed young bird Oakham. Mac has really motivated the blue hen this season after taking 10th Fed out of the first race Bubwith when she was beaten by no fewer than six of her loftmates that, and then she won 1st Club, 2nd Fed Newark Show Ground. She recorded her second win of the season in great style at Oakham (2) when she won 1st Club and 1st Federation and then netted 4th Club, 7th Fed Chelmsford (1) where she was beaten by a couple of her loftmates that chalked up 2nd and 3rd Club, 5th and 6th Federation. Ali sent the hen to the North of England Homing Union Centenary Race which was raced out of Brighton, the inform hen never let Ali down for she won 1st Federation, 1st £5 Fed Nom pocketing £50.00 with them pockets been the longest I have ever seen and also scoring 39th Open winning £100 kindly donated by the Vale of Derwent Social Club. The hen was on the clock again out of Huntingdon (1) where she claimed 3rd Club, 16th Fed beaten by two loftmates that won 1st and 2nd Club, 1st and 13th Federation. Steve “Wilber” Wilson the winner of 1st Club, 1st Fed, 2nd Section, 6th Up North Combine old bird Maidstone National in 2018 from a convoy of 10,914 birds returns into the frame after timing a couple of birds, a 2y blue hen and a 3y chequer cock to chalk up 3rd and 4th Club, 15th and 17th Fed on 1682 and 1664.

Mr & Mrs Steve Cuthbert are enjoying a cracking run at the Stockton West End after chalking up another win, with top spot being won by a well out in front yearling blue hen achieving a chart-topping vel of 1760 to go onto score 13th Fed from a entry of 461 birds. The partnership of Appleton, Howells & Hobson are in 2nd spot with their blue card scoring 2017 bred blue cock racking up a vel of 1720 to net 15th Fed. The loft of Stephen Bousfield & sons Mark & Stephen timed a 3y chequer hen doing 1699 to lift 3rd Club, 19th Fed. While F Birch who has flown a good Pigeon this season clocking a couple of his entries to pocket 4th and 5th Club, 20th and 26th Fed on 1698 and 1667. With the yellow card being awarded to a well-fancied 2016 bred blue cock who wins 1st Fed Nom, while second on the clock was a yearling blue hen.

Sadly I have to finish on informing the fancy of the very sad passing of Jean Purver of Skinningrove, Jean was once a active part of her late husband Len, sons Ian & Tubby “Graham” every day running of the loft along with her late brother Jim. A number of years ago Jean and Margaret Evans helped raise 1000s of pounds from the twice a week Bingo sessions they used to run in our Clubhouse to raise much-needed money for the running of the Club. The members have not forgotten how much unpaid work Jean & Margaret put in to help keep the Club running. Rest In Peace Jean, you did yourself proud in life. Condolences to Ian, Tubby and family at this very sad time.

That's my offerings for this week. Any news to Good Corn 6 Boulby Drive Loftus Saltburn Cleveland TS13 4JN. Tel: 01287 643624 or Email [email protected]

Vic Garbutt of the Brotton 6 Bird Club partnership of Garbutt, Stone & McCormick, holding their
yearling dark chequer cock winner of 1st Club Folkestone (2) National.

95099=4844 VIC GARBUTT

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