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Racing Pigeons First Fly  


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04/02/2017 3:12 pm  

Just a short video,

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04/02/2017 3:30 pm  

wonder if it ever went inside LoL not something I would recommend some may do it this way

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04/02/2017 3:37 pm  

Not for me too George, i put them in a training crate for a few days, so they can have a good look at the loft. I open the loft door and let them in the corridor and just let them go in and out. They soon build their confidence then start flapping up and down on the loft, i just make sure they dont have their meal before letting them out. They soon get use to the sound of the call for their feed.

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04/02/2017 4:07 pm  

I will watch this later...cheers devo

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04/02/2017 4:49 pm  

As I've mentioned before,mine stay in the aviary popping in and out of the Supertrap into the loft.
And Well Trained to the Whistle at Snap time!!.
As Soon as there eyes change,then they will be aloud to fly out,around midday weather permitting
Every year in the past,there up and away,some are gone,some circling,some on Roofs,they always have half feed in the morning
So they have enough in the tank to make their way back as they Do!!
As they are fed 1 to 1.30 in the afternoon
Most are back.
Late comers next morning!

You can buy The Mans Winning pigeons BUT not the Man that flys them!!

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04/02/2017 10:04 pm  

Last year I did put mine on the drop board. I done this before they could fly, left them out for a short while then called them in. I done this a few times before they first took off. I did have, for some reason, 5 youngsters that had 2 nights out when they first took off. I must say it was a lot easier when I had open door and could just let them wander out.

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05/02/2017 12:28 am  

Like Dev I always put mine out in the basket several times before letting them out so they can see the loft from outside as well as having a good view of their surroundings. It also helps get them basket trained. When the evenings get longer I feed around half 4, I would put them in the basket at about 3 (at weekends as work all week) then at feed times shake the feed tin and whistle, put food down and put the youngsters in through the trap. Then when I have done this a few times just open the loft and let them come out in their own time. Had 4 youngsters from Andy last year about 4 weeks old, no other birds in the shed, did this for over 2 weekends then opened the trap. All 4 came out Sat on the roof for while and then flew off, one even went off with another fanciers birds (who lives just up the hill from Me) all came back and in no trouble.
I personally would always do this in the afternoon/evening as I feel they are less likely to go too far. If they have a night out then great, all good experience for them, especially if you want distance birds.