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The ultimate insanity


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Now, we live in a world where common sense is hated, where the truth is a lie, where stupidity is rewarded, where nothing is wrong. 

But I am about to share with you the greatest insanity ever spoken in the history of the world. 

This beggars belief. 

In Germany, voluntary euthanasia is legal. 

But now, you cannot access euthanasia services, unless you are double vaccinated! 

I swear I am not making that up! You cannot end your own life unless you are vaccinated against Covid. Otherwise you might get sick, and die. 

The brainwashing has, indeed, washed their brains. of any ability to think things through. 🤣 



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Murray the world is going mad, i really dont know what is going to happen next. Maybe better to find a island and just do you own thing, I would still visit you. Lol

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That is rather ridiculous. 

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