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They never cease to surprise us


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My youngsters are still together in the young bird loft. Some are pairing together. One young cock has paired to a yearling hen and are sitting pot eggs. I have another pair that have been on pot eggs for around 16 days. The hen is a blue and one from Potter. She was originally looking to pair up to another blue from Potter but eventually paired up to a Dark Chequer Pied. The blue hen and the Pied cock have been sitting the eggs as they should up until today. I went into the loft this evening to take the food away and the blue cock that the hen was originally pairing up with was sitting on the eggs. The hen is trying to get back on them but the cock won’t let her. Never had this before. They can be funny things sometimes lol. 

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They certainly can be funny things, I got a yearling hen paired to young cock and old cock who kept trying to oust another pair from there box so I put him in with youngsters paired to a young hen thing is the yearling hen and old cock were paired together in old bird section, she was sitting eggs up until last week with the young cock now with

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