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makes of pigeon suoerments / meds  


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hello every one happy new year when it come to pigeon meds / superments how do you pick which brand do you go for price or what you can get at shop is there a brand to stay away from ive been doing some eading and it seems like Belgica de Weerd are one of the best made by a vet but cost a  bit i have limited funds so want to buy items that work what would you recommened Face  

name paul biggsage 52club pill r.p.cfeb welsh north

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Medpet products *****


You can buy The Mans Winning pigeons BUT not the Man that flys them!!

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Meditech, hyperdrug, for vaccines and some other treatments. Aviform, Harkers, for treatments and supplements. I usually buy my PMV from hyperdrug. I don’t use any other treatments. I do however buy my grit and minerals and apple cider vinegar from our wholesalers and that just depends what they have available. The corn I use is the same, what they have available. 

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There is a Rpra Blackpool show online and suppliers are doing the same deals as Blackpool.So be worth looking at or suppliers websites.


I tend to pick what I think are the best products for my set up.Also look at shroder-Tollisan they have some good products also.