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How to make a fool of yourself.


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My B$B has been on my mind a bit the last day or so.

She has always been a bit of a favorite, not least because she is so tame. It is like a parrot, sits on my shoulder while I am pottering around. 

With the news that her sister was in the first drop in the big OLR, I stopped taking her for granted. I need to start looking for a mate for her and pay attention.

When I was calling them in this afternoon there was a clattering and flapping on the roof. A young cock bird was giving another pigeon a hiding. 😡 

I yelled at him and he desisted and came in.

The B$B took off onto the next door's roof and would not come down. I spent 15 minutes trying to call her in, but she flew to the loft, onto the roof, back onto the fence, then took off!

I was a bit upset, but had a think for a minute and went in and checked. 

The baby was there, happy as.

What would be the odds of a blue bar white flight hen, with a silver life ring, and a red marker ring, turning up right at that moment?

I told Catherine, she laughed and laughed.

I am feeling just a bit foolish. 🤡 


I am good! They aren't firing rubber bullets at me. Yet.
Welcome to Victoria, 2021.

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They certainly can have us going sometimes. 

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