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Give em a chance!!  


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02/08/2020 10:46 am  

, I went up to the loft this morning to let them out and found a pigeon sat on the loft. It is Dark Chequer Hen 57 from Dev & Chris that was missing from the Poitiers race on the 11th July. She looks fine although a bit thin. Looks like she’s been out all the time. 

This pigeon has showed real determination to stay alive and I was becoming rather fond of her. 

She had the Guernsey race 109 miles as a youngster. Then in January as you know I had paramyxovirus in the loft. I had 5 that either died or were culled and a lot of the others weren’t good. I didn’t treat them at all apart from with some electrolytes because the loft was like a puddle ever morning. Well this hen was one of the worst. I almost culled her a few times but there was something in her determination to survive that stopped me. She had the screwy neck, fell over when she tried to walk to fast and kept missing when trying to pick up food. But every day she would somehow manage to get out for a fly and get back down onto the loft. After a long time she started to improve. She then reared a round of youngsters and was trained. I then sent her to the first race this year, Falaise 178 miles. She was on the day flying 9 and a half hours. I then decided to send her to Poitiers 343 miles. She is back home today and here to fight another day. 

Whether she will ever do much who knows but she will be given a chance. 

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02/08/2020 4:33 pm  

Well done her and for sure deserves another chance