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Flying high


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The last few days have been lovely. Most of the day has been clear blue skies and warm, being in the low 20c. The birds have been flying quite well in the mornings and in the afternoons flying really well. They do land for periods but during the 2 hours they are out they are up and down. The last couple of days in particular has been very nice. I know I have mentioned it before, and I don’t know how it started, but my birds seem to love chasing the BOPs. Be it sparrow hawks, red kite or Buzzards. With the clear skies and warm weather the last couple of afternoons the Buzzards have been enjoying the thermals and circling around really high. My birds of down take off when they see them. I said to Roxanna on Tuesday when a Buzzard was screeching high up and circling going higher all the time that the birds won’t chase them up that high. The Buzzard had gone so high that it was hard to see it. But then I noticed a few specks in the sky. It was a batch of about 20 of my birds flying at it. They see them off the local vicinity, going out of site for a while before returning and coming back down to a lower height. Yesterday they done the same again seeing 2 off but not quite so high. It is lovely watching them seeming to enjoy themselves. I have heard that flying at a good height is a sign of the respiratory system being healthy. Once down there is never any sign of any gaping. They are in great condition at present. 

The funny thing is that I have a 7 year old hen here from Rich, who as most know lives in the mountains of North Wales. I have had this hen for about 4 years and I think I’m right in saying that she was one of the last pigeons that Rich raced and had flying out up there. She is broken out down here and still enjoys a fly. Rich then finished racing and stopped letting birds out and now just concentrates on breeding after getting constantly bombarded by Peregrine’s every time he let pigeons out. This hen will be sitting out with all my others but when a hawk appears and mine all take off to see them off she is the only one that instead of going off with the others she will drop straight onto the loft and go in. She must still remember the times when Rich had her. 

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Never knew Rich had stopped racing!


Good to see em up high as you say

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