Birds looking great
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Birds looking great


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I commented the other day that I had stopped racing now for this year and had changed my feed with the addition of a conditioner to the mix. I don’t whether it is this that has helped, the weather or whatever but the birds are looking great and flying better than ever. 

The loft is still full of feathers every time I clean out, especially down feathers, and the feathering is looking good and feels nice and silky. Some that have gone through the main moult are looking great. Some of the youngsters have only got one flight to drop now. The old birds do look a mess though lol.

 I let them all out together just after 7am and leave them out until around 8.45am when I get them in before I open the shop. They are up and down during that time. In the afternoon I let them out again at 4pm. We shut the shop at 5pm. I then have a cup of tea out in the garden before going to clean the birds out before getting them in just after 6pm. The last few days they have been flying most of the time they’ve been out in the afternoon. Some will come down onto the house or up in the tree that they have started landing in but then will after a brief period will take off again and rejoin those still flying. The last couple of days when I’ve finished cleaning out they have still been flying. I haven’t called them in until they land as they seem to be loving it. Their not flying fast but they go really high then drop, they disappear then return a few minutes later from a different direction, some are clapping around and going off on their own briefly. It is great just watching them. They haven’t stopped flying until 6.45pm the last couple of days flying for over 2 hours. Once down they come in quickly when called. 

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good news Andy looks like you may have a god team for old bird racing  

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Posted by: @george-morgan

good news Andy looks like you may have a god team for old bird racing  

Sure does


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Terrific. 😀 


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